Dizertačné skúšky

Sep 14

Dňa 14. 9. 2016 sa na Katedre biofyziky uskutočnia dizertačné skúšky Mgr.
Stanislava Hrivnáka (o 9.30)a RNDr. Patrika Jakabčina (10.30).

Obhajoby dizertačných prác

Sep 19

Dňa 19. 9. 2016 o 13.30 sa na Katedre biofyziky uskutočnia obhajoby dizertačných prác
RNDr. Valérie Verebovej a RNDr. Jaroslava Varcholu.

Lecture of Francesca Mocci: Introduction to NMR spectroscopy

Sep 20

Francesca Mocci
(University of Cagliari, Italy)

  • her scientific activity is mainly directed to the study of conformational preferences of

organic and bio-organic molecules, their interactions with other molecules and ions. These
researches are carried out by means of modeling techniques often combined with NMR
techniques. The employed computational techniques are based either on quantum or classical
mechanics, and recently she became involved in the development of coarse grained models.
Part of these studies involve collaborations either with national or international groups.
Introduction to NMR spectroscopy
Tuesday and Wednesday (20–21.09.2016) at 10:00

  • the introduction to the basic principles behind NMR spectroscopy, factors influencing the

NMR chemical shift, how to identify the molecular structure based on NMR spectra. Effects
of the molecular dynamics on the NMR spectra will also be considered. Examples of
application on organic and bioorganic molecules will also be given, possibly including the
combination of NMR with molecular modeling.