International projects:

A) Projects supported by European Union (FP7 projects):

1. EU FP7: Fostering Excellence in Cell Imaging (CELIM) No. 310316,
REGPOT – 2012–2013 2013 (Department of biophysics – coordinator, Partners: European
XFEL GmbH , Germany, Stockholm University, Sveden, University of
Hildesheim, Germany, University of Pierre et Marie Curie, France, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland, Institute of the Structure of Matter, CSIC, Spain:

2. Reintegration grant: Marie Curie International Reintegration Grants (IRG) Call:
FP7-PEOPLE-RG-2009 „MonInterFluoProt“ No. PIRG06-GA-2009–256580

B) Other international projects

Sciex-NMSch Swiss-Slovak postdoctoral project No. 10.142 2011–2013

C) Projects supported by the Operational Program “Research and Development” financed through European Regional Development Funds:

1. Development of optical nanosensors for multicomponent analysis of trace
quantities of pulutants and drugs ( NanoBioSens) , ITMS code: 26220220107,
2011 – 2013
2. Modernization of doctoral study programs in natural and human sciences at
University of P. J. Safarik in Kosice (DOKTORAND), ITMS code: 26110230013,
2010 – 2013

Projects supported by the Slovak Republic:

A) Slovak Research and development agency:

Towards increased sensitivity of cancer detection and selectivity of cancer
treatment: biophotonic nanotechnology applications (NanoTechPDT), APVV-
242–11, 2012 – 2015

B) Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic:

1. Study of cell-drugs interactions: application of micro-Raman spectroscopy in
combination with optical tweezers and optical nanosensors, VEGA 1/1154/11,
2011 – 2013
2. Photodynamic therapy of cancer: Detection of singlet oxygen from the triplet state
of photoactive drugs: VEGA 1/1246/12 , 2012 – 2014