Assoc. Prof. Katarína Stroffekova, Ph.D.



Department of Biophysics
PJ Safarik University
Jesenna 5
04001 Kosice




Expert in biophysics and cell physiology, Associate Professor – Dept. of Biophysics and Center of Biomedical Sciences, UPJS, Košice ( PhD degree in Biophysics (1997), Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics, SAS Bratislava. International research expertise: Postdoct. Assistant, Dept Mol & Cell Physiol, College of Medicine, Univ of Cincinnati, OH (USA) (3 yrs); Postdoct.Assistant, Dept Biomed Sciences, College of Vet. Medicine and Biomed. Sciences, Colorado State University, CO (USA) (5 yrs). Research expertise: Cell biophysics, Ca2+ homeostasis in cell physiology, role of ion channels in cell physiology, electrophysiology of ion channels, confocal fluorescent microscopy. International awards: Abbot Laboratories Postdoctoral Fellow Award (1998), American Physiological Society, GI Section, Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA; Travel Award of Membrane Biophysics Subgroup (1997), USA Biophysical Society meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA; 1st place in Postdoctoral Scholar Posters (1997), Ohio Physiological Society Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, USA; 2nd place in First Annual Postdoctoral Scholar Research Forum (1997), University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH, USA.
Publications: 20 peer-reviewed articles. ≈ 30 presentations at the international conferences with CC abstracts. No of SCI citations: ≈ 320. 15 invited lectures at the international conferences including Internat. Biochem.and Bioph. Forum (2013), Toronto, Kanada; Gordon Conference, New London,NH, (2006); USA Biophysical Society Meeting (2004). Supervisor and co-supervisor of 6 PhD students.

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