RNDr. Branislav Brutovský, CSc.


  • 1983–1988 University study – Biophysics at Faculty of Science, P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia
  • 1994–1998 PhD study – Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Science, Kosice, Slovakia


  • since 2003 Researcher, Dept. of Biophysics, Faculty of Science, P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia
  • 2001–2002 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, Centre de Biophysique Moleculaire, CNRS, Orleans, France
  • 1995–2000 Research Assistant, Dept. of Biophysics, Faculty of Science, P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia
  • 1992–1994 Assistant, Dept. of Med. Informatics, Medical Faculty, P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia
  • 1990–1991 Assistant, Dept. of Biophysics, Medical Faculty, P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia

Selected papers

  • B. Brutovsky, D. Horvath, In Silico implementation of evolutionary paradigm in therapy design: Towards anti-cancer therapy as Darwinian process, J. Theor. Biol. 485, 110038 , 2020 (Download)
  • D. Horvath, B. Brutovsky, A new conceptual framework for the therapy by optimized multidimensional pulses of therapeutic activity. The case of multiple myeloma model, J. Theor. Biol. 454, 292–309 , 2018 (Download)
  • D. Horvath, B. Brutovsky, Toward understanding of the role of reversibility of phenotypic switching in the evolution of resistance to therapy, Phys. Lett. A 382, 1586–1600, 2018 (Download)
  • D. Horvath, J. Gazda and B. Brutovsky, A new bio-inspired, population-level approach to the socioeconomic evolution of dynamic spectrum access services, Int. J. Mod. Phys. C 28, 1750062, 2017 (Download)
  • D. Horvath, B. Brutovsky, Etiology of phenotype switching strategy in time varying stochastic environment, Physica A 462, 455–468, 2016 (Download)
  • D. Horvath, B. Brutovsky, Study of selected phenotype switching strategies in time varying environment, Phys. Lett. A 380, 1267–1278, 2016 (Download)
  • D. Horvath, J. Ulicny and B. Brutovsky, Self-organised manifold learning and heuristic charting via adaptive metrics , Conn. Sci. 28, 1–26, 2016 (Download)
  • B. Brutovsky, D. Horvath, Towards inverse modeling of intratumor heterogeneity, Open Phys. 13, 232–241, 2015 (Download)
  • D. Horvath, B. Brutovsky, J. Kocisova, and S. Sprinc, Manipulation with heterogeneity within a species population formulated as inverse problem, Physica A 389, 5028–5036, 2010 (Download)
  • B. Brutovsky and D. Horvath, Optimization Aspects of Carcinogenesis, Med. Hypotheses 74, 922–927, 2010 (Download)
  • J. Kocisova, D. Horvath, and B. Brutovsky, The Efficiency of Individual Optimization in the Case of Competitive Growth, Physica A 388, 3585–3592, 2009 (Download)
  • B. Brutovsky, D. Horvath, and V. Lisy, Inverse Geometric Approach for the Simulation of Close-to-Circular Growth. The Case of Multicellular Tumor Spheroids, Physica A 387, 839–850, 2008 (Download)
  • V. Lisy, B. Brutovsky, and J. Tothova, Simple Derivation of the First Cumulant for the Rouse Chain, e-Polymers, art. no. 149, 2007 (Download .pdf file)
  • J. Tothova, B. Brutovsky, and V. Lisy, Monomer dynamics in single- and double-stranded DNA coils, Eur. Phys. J. E – Soft Matter 24, 61–67, 2007 (Download .pdf file)
  • V. Lisy, J. Tothova, and B. Brutovsky, Rheology of dilute polymer solutions with time-dependent screening of hydrodynamic interactions, Int. Rev. Phys., October 2007
  • V. Lisy, J. Tothova, B. Brutovsky, and A.V. Zatovsky, The Dynamics of Polymers in Solution with Hydrodynamic Memory, in K. I. Dillon (ed.), Soft Condensed Matter: New Research, Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2007
  • J. Tothova, B. Brutovsky, and V. Lisy, Draining and Concentration Effects in Dynamic Light Scattering from Nonentangled Polymers in Solution, Laser Physics 17, 443–447, 2007 (Download .pdf file)
  • J. Tothova, B. Brutovsky, and V. Lisy, Hydrodynamics of polymer solutions within the joint Rouse-Zimm theory, Acta Physica Slovaca 56, 189–192, 2006 (Download .pdf file)
  • B. Brutovsky, and G. R. Kneller, Linear prediction of force time series to accelerate molecular dynamics simulations, Comp. Phys. Comm. 169, 339–342, 2005 (Download .pdf file)
  • J. Tothova, B. Brutovsky, and V. Lisy, Single monomer dynamics in DNA polymers, Czech. J. Phys. 55, 221–227, 2005 (Download .pdf file)
  • J. Tothova, B. Brutovsky, and V. Lisy, Effects of hydrodynamic memory in dynamic light scattering from polymer solutions, Laser Physics 14, 1511–1515, 2004
  • B. Brutovsky, T. Mulders, and G. R. Kneller, Accelerating molecular dynamics simulations by linear prediction of time series, J. Chem. Phys. 118, 6179–6187, 2003 (Download .pdf file)
  • D. Horvath, M. Gmitra, J. Vavra, E. Dobrocka, and B. Brutovsky, The evolutionary approach to the optimization of finite-size effects in magnetic dot arrays, Czech. J. Phys. 52, 123–126, 2002 (Download .pdf file)
  • V. Lisy, B. Brutovsky, A. V. Zatovsky, and A. V. Zvelindovsky, On the theory of light and neutron scattering from microemulsions, J. Mol. Liq. 93, 113–118, 2001 (Download .pdf file)
  • V. Lisy, B. Brutovsky, On small-angle neutron scattering from droplet microemulsions, the role of shape fluctuations, JINR communication E17–2001–166, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia, 2001
  • V. Lisy and B. Brutovsky, Interpretation of static and dynamic neutron and light scattering from microemulsion droplets: Effects of shape fluctuations, Phys. Rev. E 61, 4045–4053, 2000 (Download .pdf file)
  • V. Lisy and B. Brutovsky, On interpretation of quasielastic neutron scattering experiments from droplet microemulsion, Czech. J. Phys. 50, 239–249, 2000 (Download .pdf file)
  • D. Horvath, A. Orendacova, M. Orendac, M. Jascur, B. Brutovsky, and A. Feher, KEr(MoO4)2, A quasi-one-dimensional S=3/2 Blume-Capel system, Phys. Rev. B 60, 1167–1174, 1999 (Download .pdf file)
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  • V. Lisy, B. Brutovsky, and P. Miskovsky, On dynamic light scattering from vesicle-like droplets, Physica B 266, 300–309, 1999 (Download .pdf file)
  • V. Lisy, B. Brutovsky, P. Miskovsky, and A. V. Zatovsky, On the vibration spectra of vesicle-like droplets, The effects of membrane density fluctuations, Czech. J. Phys. 49, 137–143, 1999 (Download .pdf file)
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  • A. Orendacova, D. Horvath, B. Brutovsky, M. Orendac, and M. Jascur, Monte Carlo study of specific heat of KEr(MoO4)2 – quasi-one-dimensional ferromagnet, Acta Physica Slovaca 48, 833–836, 1998
  • B. Brutovsky, J. Ulicny, P. Miskovsky, V. Lisy, and L. Chinsky, Resonance Raman spectra of selected pterin molecules. Genetic algorithms approach to force field scaling, J. Raman Spectrosc. 29, 833–839, 1998 (Download .pdf file)
  • B. Brutovsky, J. Ulicny, P. Miskovsky, V. Lisy, and L. Chinsky, Genetic refinement of the molecular force field, Normal mode analysis of purine vibrations, Biospectroscopy 3, 61–71, 1997 (Download .pdf file)
  • V. Lisy, P. Miskovsky, B. Brutovsky, and L.Chinsky, Internal DNA modes below 25 cm-1. A resonance Raman spectroscopy observation, J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 14, 517–523, 1997 (Download .pdf file)
  • B. Brutovsky, M. Hnatic, D. Horvath, and M. Stehlik, Scaling form of turbulent viscosity in universal turbulence decay model, Czech. J. Phys. 47, 667–673, 1997 (Download .pdf file)

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